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About: Marc Spendlove

I am a proven and experienced marketing and cultural awareness specialist who has the capacity to manage multiple tasks under significant pressure and to provide counsel at senior level. My key talents are my unparalleled level of creativity and my ability to motivate others. I am skilled at developing new ideas that take companies to new dimensions and to extend the scope of their current communications activity which ultimately drive sales.

I am disruptive

I challenge issues facing the leadership of organisations from positioning, cultural awareness and diversity, human performance improvement, strategy, development and sales delivery. My team and I offer revolutionary interventions that ensure buy-in and acceptance to new solutions that meet strategic desired outcomes.

I am innovative

By creating an unparalleled level of team immersion into a corporate strategy and sales contribution, my team and I deliver new and innovative 21st Century business practices that ensure strategic goals are developed and achieved. With effective measures and conversion statistics in place, we always deliver strategic and financial results.

Always evolving

The business world is continually evolving and becoming more competitive. Onion Diversity promotes the concept of a unified stakeholder community where all parties embrace and accelerate the principle of positive perception. We embrace the ethos that living a culture of social responsibility, ethics, sustainability, cultural awareness and positive group consciousness delivers a return on investment for all stakeholders.