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About: Alison Godenir

I am a Humanologist working in the field of Humanology and Generation Blending. Humanology is the art of unleashing Humanity.

I am a non-traditionalist who goes out on a limb to seek creative solutions from new perspectives. Some would call me a “disruptive innovator”. As a Generation Blending Specialist I serve as a bridge, synergising generational differences, through a unique process called “Generation Blending”. My aim is to raise consciousness of an omni- cooperative, omniworld humanity. I am one who believes I was born as change not into change and this ethos serves as my inspiration.

I embrace the concept of transformation through Conscious Capitalism and I live by the premise of being authentic in activity versus seeking visibility. My intent is to guide and help create social agents of change – people who are not afraid to break away from the norms of social conditioning and to think for themselves, becoming co-creators in a new way of being.

My responsibility is to be an ambassador for change, to bring new models of thought, behaviour and integrity to the world. I strive to change the global conversation from problems to solutions and to shift humanity from the old paradigm of dependence and scarcity models to interdependence and abundance models.

I am a “new thinker” and a “way shower”