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At Onion Diversity we recognise every organisation is unique, as is every individual person. Definitions of success vary from industry to industry but it is safe to say that success is achieved by those organisations that embrace continuous transformation. Organisations that highlight and more importantly pro-actively live transformation benefit from greater success than those that choose the safe constraints of “this is how we have always done it”. “This is how we have always done it” no longer works in the 21st Century playground, for the simple reason that nothing is as it was. Technology is developing faster than the speed of sound, products and services are shifting exponentially to accommodate the needs and wants of an instant gratification world, and humanity is returning to business. For the first time in history three (soon to be four) diverse generations share office space, bringing challenges of epic proportions. Cultural diversity is no longer a possibility it is a probability and age old systems and processes steeped in antiquity are ineffective and obsolete. Future proofing is all about innovative, fast and relevant transformation solutions.


Onion Diversity transforms and transcends people, leaders and organisations by introducing new ways of being that shift from 20th Century inertia to 22nd Century evolution. We offer unique and innovative transformation solutions.


Our focus is to put humanity back into business. We ardently believe an organisation is only as good as its people, therefore building and sustaining relationships forms the basis of our revolutionary interventions, which in turn improve moral, employee engagement, performance, productivity and profitability.


Any intervention, be it an annual conference, a team building exercise, a training programme, or the launch of a new product, can act as a positive tipping point in the life of an organisation, even if this is only to accelerate an already successful strategy or process.

Onion Diversity is the catalyst to positive “tipping point” success. We create the magic that elevates an ordinary intervention into an extraordinary result.


Our approach is 21st Century. We understand the new challenges that face the workplace and we navigate these challenges alongside our clients, offering different but relevant and unconventional approaches that speak to the realities of business today. We love to partner with clients who are brave, courageous and ready to pioneer new territories and co-create new ways of being.